Wednesday 4 Jan.


7th pd.

Continue with Most Dangerous Game– Stopping often for notes.  Yes, there will be a test on this when we’re finished. 

8th pd.

Computers/ reading.  Make sure you write about your book and add it as a comment on today’s post.


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  1. “The Odyssey”
    The type of reader who would enjoy this book would like greek gods because it has love, wars, creatures in disguises, and who the gods are and what are they.

  2. BROTHERS IN ARMS PJ#120-125
    today i read that after the foootball game vicky came up to martin and surprised him. Vickey was with her 2 firends teressa and idk who else but teressa doesnt like amrtin so she gives him bratty looks and the only reason vicky went to the foootball game is because teressa likessomeone from the team and she made vicky go with. Teressa and whoever else left so vicky hungout with martin allllllll day and martin has the biggest crush ever ❤ 🙂

  3.  What came as a surprise in the book? Why?
    Im reading Silence, and what came to me as a surprise is when the main character Nora became the leader of an army , because her boyfriend killed her father. Neiphlim look at Nora as a leader and Nora who is stuck in the middle, of neiphlim and angel war.

  4. i am now further into the book called toe tagged im reading about the first case this women was found in a bathtub dead and her husband called the police saying he found he wife dead in the bathtub. the husband story was that they went out to eat at a restaurant and then they got home and he took his daughter for a walk the he came back. and he was watching tv and he heard a thump but thought it was only the shampoo falling of the stand in the bathtub becuase his wife was taking a bath and then they found out he stranggled her and put water in the bathtub to make it look like it was accidental he had a 1 million insurance policy on his wife

  5. Taylor Christopherson January,4th.
    This book had me reconsider that at a party if people are drinking and there’s a fight or something, tell them either to stop or just call the police. Having somebody die just because you dont want to get in trouble is dumb. I wouldn’t my friend dying just because of that.

  6. if i could step into the book first thing i would do is change her birthdays around from her eighth birthday and the three after that cause she said those were nightmares , so i would make them fun .

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